Food Service Assistant

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    HealthShare NSW
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  • Salary:
    negotiable / month
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  • Posted:
    20 hours ago
  • Category:
    Food Industry

<p style="font-family:Arial; margin-bottom:10px; margin-top:20px"><span style="font-size:medium">What could you bring to HealthShare NSW? </span></p> <p style="font-family:Arial; margin-bottom:10px; margin-top:20px"><span style="font-size:medium">Part Time – Exempt position responsible for &#39;a high standard of food service at Wagga Wagga Base Hospital, $25.46 per hour.</span></p> <p style="font-family:Arial; margin-bottom:12px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">Make a difference by doing what you love. </span></p> <p style="font-family:Arial; margin-bottom:12px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">HealthShare NSW is looking for highly motivated and experienced Food Services Assistant who can provide a positive contribution to the workplace, who is a team player and can provide excellent customer service</span></p> <p style="font-family:Arial; margin-bottom:12px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">Above all, we&rsquo;re seeking team players that team players that team players with a &#39;can-do&#39; attitude to support our hospital staff. Does this sound like you?</span></p> <p style="font-family:Arial; margin-bottom:10px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium"><strong>About the opportunity</strong></span></p> <p style="font-family:Arial; margin-bottom:12px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">Reporting to the Supervisor, you will also make a positive contribution to the workplace by cooperating with other staff members and complying withpolicies and directives. <a href="" target="_blank">Click here</a> to find out more.</span></p> <p style="font-family:Arial; margin-bottom:10px; margin-top:0px"><em><span style="font-size:medium">This is a Part Time – Exempt position graded as a Hospital Assistant Grade 3 with an hourly rate of&nbsp;$25.46 per hour.</span></em></p> <p style="font-family:Arial; margin-bottom:10px; margin-top:0px"><strong><span style="font-size:medium"><strong>Why you&#39;ll enjoy working with us</strong></span></strong></p> <p style="font-family:Arial; margin-bottom:10px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">HealthShare NSW provides a range of services to assist Local Health Districts and other Health Agencies. Our people perform important roles which free up health professionals to focus on what they do best! For more information regarding working for HealthShare NSW and the benefits we offer, click <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.</span></p> <ul> <li> <div style="margin-bottom:0px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">Work in a growing organisation to genuinely better the lives of patients across the state</span></div> </li> <li> <div style="margin-bottom:0px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">A large portfolio and dedicated team</span></div> <ul> <li> <div style="margin-bottom:0px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">Corporate wellbeing programs, including the Fitness Passport</span></div> </li> <li> <div style="margin-bottom:0px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">Opportunities for learning and development, including in-house training with My Health Learning and the NSW Health RTO</span></div> </li> <li> <div style="margin-bottom:0px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">Professional growth and accelerated career progression</span></div> </li> </ul> </li> </ul> <p style="font-family:Arial; margin-bottom:10px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium"><strong>How to apply</strong></span></p> <p style="font-family:Arial; margin-bottom:12px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">During the application process you will be required to provide answers to the Targeted Questions below. You must ensure your answers make reference to all of the Essential Requirements listed in the <a href="" target="_blank">Position Description</a> prior to submitting your application.</span></p> <ul> <li> <div style="margin-bottom:0px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">What does team work mean to you? Demonstrate how you have worked well within a team environment</span></div> </li> <li> <div style="margin-bottom:0px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">Our patients are our customers and are at the heart of everything we do. Describe a time you have provided excellent customer service and how you met their needs?</span></div> </li> <li> <div style="margin-bottom:0px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">Describe how your experience will suit this position.</span></div> </li> </ul> <p style="font-family:Arial; margin-bottom:12px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">Only candidates with current Australian work rights (Australian citizens, permanent residents, valid work visa) will be considered.</span></p> <p style="font-family:Arial; margin-bottom:10px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium"><strong>Vaccination Requirements</strong></span></p> <p style="font-family:Arial; margin-bottom:12px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">This is a NSW Health Category A position, which requires immunisation against the following:</span></p> <ul> <li> <div style="margin-bottom:0px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">Whooping Cough</span></div> </li> <li> <div style="margin-bottom:0px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">Hepatitis B</span></div> </li> <li> <div style="margin-bottom:0px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">Measles / Mumps / Rubella</span></div> </li> <li> <div style="margin-bottom:0px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">Chicken Pox</span></div> </li> <li> <div style="margin-bottom:0px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">Screening for Tuberculosis</span></div> </li> </ul> <p style="font-family:Arial; margin-bottom:12px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">If you have any current evidence of vaccination against these, upload them with your application. Your current vaccination status will not impact your application. If you are the preferred candidate, you will be responsible for covering the costs of any remaining vaccination requirements. For more information read the <a href="" target="_blank">NSW Health OASV Policy</a>.</span></p> <p style="font-family:Arial; margin-bottom:12px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">If you are the preferred candidate, you will also need to complete a Pre-Employment Health Assessment, with costs covered by HealthShare NSW.</span></p> <p style="font-family:Arial; margin-bottom:10px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium"><strong>Need more information?</strong></span></p> <p style="font-family:Arial; margin-bottom:12px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">For role related queries or questions contact Talent Acquisition and Recruitment on <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.</span></p> <p style="font-family:Arial; margin-bottom:12px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">HealthShare NSW an equal opportunity employer committed to providing a working environment that embraces and values diversity and inclusion. If you require any assistance with your application or have any questions about this position, please follow the links below.</span></p> <ul> <li> <div style="margin-bottom:0px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">Learn more about our Aboriginal Workforce team <a href="" target="_blank">here</a></span></div> </li> <li> <div style="margin-bottom:12px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">Email our Access and Inclusion Team about how to apply with particular needs and accessing workplace adjustments at <a href="" target="_blank"></a></span></div> </li> </ul> <p style="font-family:Arial; margin-bottom:10px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium"><strong>Talent Pool</strong></span></p> <p style="font-family:Arial; margin-bottom:12px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium">If the selection panel identifies a surplus of suitable candidates for the role, an eligibility list may be created where candidates may be offered casual, permanent or temporary full-time or part-time positions within the next 6 to 12 months.</span></p> <p style="font-family:Arial; margin-bottom:0px; margin-top:0px"><span style="font-size:medium"><strong>Applications Close:</strong> Midnight, Wednesday, 23 September 2020</span></p>